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We present to you our BI, returning to the nature in 2015. Our BI consists of a circular logo depicting Demeter, the goddess of beauty and force of nature, and brand name logo around her describing THE FACE SHOP heritage.

Gather from the nature
THE FACE SHOP values the nature as it is. THE FACE SHOP's renewed emblem depicts a jar that sincerely embraces the vitality of nature based on the belief of self-existing force of nature.
Achieve beauty from the nature
The face at the middle of THE FACE SHOP's emblem represents our will to express the ultimate beauty of nature achieved through presenting mother nature as she is and realizing the vitality within

  • 2015

    Oct- Won 1st prize on Customer Satisfaction of moisturizing cream from KMA

    Mar- 2015 Selected as Korea's masterpiece brand in the first half of the year (Character mask)

    Feb- Entry into Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, and South Africa

  • 2014

    Dec- Sales exceeded 600 billion won

    Oct- Launched "The Therapy" line, first product from "R&D Innovation Center"

    Sept- Established the "R&D Innovation Center" as a complex base for research and production

    Apr- Signed an agreement to sponsor Global Village Love-Sharing Co.

    Mar- Sold 4 million products of Seed line

  • 2013

    Dec- Celebrated the 10th anniversary of THE FACE SHOP

    Jul- Held "Global Top Girl" event to select Asian consumer models

    Jun- More than 1,600 stores in 26 countries following the acquisition of "F&P," a Canadian body care company

  • 2012

    Acquired THE FACE SHOP Singapore

  • 2011

    Aug- Rated Grade 1 in the evaluation of franchise conducted by the Small and Medium Business Administration

    Apr- Set up JV in China and Japan

  • 2010

    Dec- CEO Suk Cha was selected by Asia Money as "Korea's Best CEO" in 2009 & 2010

    Apr- Began CSR with HIMANGO Co.

    Jan- M&A to LG Household & Healthcare

  • 2009

    Expansion in China Received an award from KOTRA as "Korea's global products"

  • 2008

    First Korean cosmetics company to appear on HSN, the largest Home Shopping Network in USA Entry into Mass Channel "Watsons" in Taiwan (400 stores)


    Entry into Brunei, UAE


    Oct- Advanced to the US in the form of The Face Shop brand shop (New York,Chicago, San Jose, LA)
    Apr- Number of stores in overseas market exceeded 100, advanced to the Chinese market (Shanghai)
  • 2005

    Dec- Ranked first in the cosmetic brand shop industry
    Nov- Became famous as a global brand in the world cosmetic market through BUSINESS WEEK Magazine; advanced to Jordan, Malaysia, and Philippines in 2006
    May- Accredited with the "Best Stand Award" of the Interior Award Category at the Dubai Hair Art Exhibition in May 2005 Accelerated advances into global markets - Australia, the USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, and the Dominican Republic Established a corporate laboratory Bestowed with the Prime Minister's Award at the Korea Distribution Grand Prize


    Nov- Began overseas business by exporting products to HongKong/Taiwan/Singapore
    Jun- Number of stores in Korea exceeded 100


    Dec- Opened the first store of The Face Shop (Myeong-dong) Launched The Face Shop Korea and began The Face Shop franchise

Operates 3,000 stores in 35 countries around the world
Korea: 1,208 stores/Global: 1,792 stores (As of November 2015)


THE FACE SHOP's products begin from nature, delivering value.

Jeju Volcanic Clay
A rare natural porous ingredient formed 600,000 years ago when Mt. Halla errupted and petrified quickly. Helps sebum absorption and cares for pores inside out. Main Products: Jeju Volcanic Clay Line
Bamboo Extract from Damyang delivers moisture into the skin to help retain moisture and skin resilience while preventing the roughening of skin.
Pearl obtained from pristine natural environment of Korea gives radiant skin. Pearl is a natural jewel that represents health, long life, and wealth that has been a brightening ingredient for the rare beauty.
Tibetan Mushroom
An ingredient originate from the Caucasus region, known as one of the three non-disease longevity villages, and recreated by Tibet monks’ fermentation technique into a fermented oil. Tibetan mushroom fermented oil helps kin to retain.
Tamanu Seed
Tamanu Seed has been called God-sent sacred material by Polynesians and has been used as a soothing ingredient.It helps soothe sensitive skin with its excellent skin protection effect.
English Breakfast Tea
The herbal tea ingredient is obtained with great care by using a tea aging method. It moisturizes skin by providing abundant moisture to dry, tired skin. Main Products: The Fresh for Men Line
Mango Seed
The king of all tropical fruits, mango greatly improves skin protection and elasticity. Seed contains significant amount of polyphenols, having over 48 times more of them than the flesh that help make a healthy, moist skin. Main Products: Mango Seed Line
Chia Seed
An ingredient given as a ration of ancient Aztec warriors, chia seed holds 10 times more water than its own weight that forms a natural moisturizing barrier to create a clear, dewy moist skin. Main Products: Chia Seed Line