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THE FACE SHOP’s motion to change the lives of the underprivileged with MAKNA and DIGNITY.

LGHNH Malaysia is partnering with MAKNA and DIGNITY in seek to support the dreams and health care of the underprivileged in this October.

Customers who make purchase in THE FACE SHOP store on October 2021 will receive limited-edition handcrafted pouch from Sew X Dignity, a high quality, lovingly sewn goods out of up-cycled and local fabrics to the customers

DIGNITY is committed to nurture and empower world changes through educative transformation by providing mentally holistic and real-life experience education to the underprivilege. With this initiative, the focus to evoke awareness from the public in understanding that education, which most of us are taking for granted, is not accessible to more than 330,000 children in Malaysia

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, LGHNH Malaysia is delighted to nominate the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA) as the sole beneficiary partner to receive the donation of essential products, helping out the communities who are facing challenges during the ordeal of the pandemic. Some may have lost their source of income, while some have to continuously battle with an illness; despite that, we’d like to cheer them on and ensure their self-hygiene is well taken care of especially during this challenging time.

The pandemic has brought socioeconomic structure changes to Malaysians, especially towards vulnerable communities who face a bigger challenge in going through their daily lives, even during pre-Covid19 days. The available government’s cash assistance schemes may be utilised only to cover their high medical fees, and frugally on daily expenses such as utility bills and groceries. Some might have even suffered from job loss due to the nationwide lockdown, further driving these people to be in need of aid even more than ever.

As the health crisis prevails nationwide, the pressure to maintain and practice safe hygiene is of utmost importance. Bringing light unto the urgency of ensuring safe hygiene, LGHNH Malaysia aims to provide vulnerable communities who have been left out on social assistance with in-house household essential products such as disinfection sprays and KF-AD face masks.


 This year, we continue to spead the posivity and spread the love.

Help us spread love and positivity to communities in need, so that like us, they can stay safe and beat Covid-19 together. We sincerely hope that this small gesture can help the people in need.

Please join us to shout “jia you!” (try our best) at the tops of our lungs, and let’s do it “bersama” (together). “Bersama, kita Jia You!”


About the #RelayBersamaJiayou social responsibility campaign:

With your purchases of beauty essential with THE FACE SHOP in-store or online (, we will donate hygiene care products on your behalf to MAKNA 

You don’t have to spend extra on these products – all you need to do is shop for your beauty essentials as you normally would.

How it works:
Min. spend RM188: 1x Multi Purpose Disinfectant Spray (100ml) & 1x Multi Purpose Disinfectant Spray (500ml)
Min. spend RM238: 1x Multi Purpose Disinfectant Spray (500ml)& KFAD Mask 

Your generous contributions will greatly benefit these organizations who selflessly support vulnerable communities in Malaysia.