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In 2020, Covid-19 hit us in ways we never thought possible. It was a strange experience, and we struggled. All of us did, but some even more so than others.

It’s been more than a year. But even today, many vulnerable communities are still suffering the consequences of the pandemic. They’ve lost jobs, lost their source of income, lost their health, lost family members.

For them, struggling to put food on the table and paying for medical bills is a main priority. Far more important than spending money on hygiene care products like disinfectants, hand sanitizers, or face masks.

Because of severely limited resources, they simply cannot afford to stay protected from the pandemic. Some even resort to re-wearing disposable masks for weeks.


That’s why this year, we want to pay it forward.

Help us spread love and positivity to communities in need, so that like us, they can stay safe and beat Covid-19 together. We sincerely hope that this small gesture can help the people in need.

Please join us to shout “jia you!” (try our best) at the tops of our lungs, and let’s do it “bersama” (together). “Bersama, kita Jia You!”


About the #RelayBersamaJiayou social responsibility campaign:

With as low as RM50, when your make your purchases with THE FACE SHOP in-store or online (, we will donate hygiene care products on your behalf, to your beneficiary of choice.

You don’t have to spend extra on these products – all you need to do is shop for your beauty essentials as you normally would.

How it works:
Min. spend RM50: 1x Multi Purpose Disinfectant Spray (100ml) to beneficiary of your choice
Min. spend RM150: 1x Multi Purpose Disinfectant Spray (500ml) to beneficiary of your choice
Min. spend RM250: 1x Hand Sanitizer Wipes + 1pack Daily Shield KF AD Face Mask to beneficiary of your choice

Your generous contributions will greatly benefit these organizations who selflessly support vulnerable communities in Malaysia.


The list of beneficiaries for #RelayBersamaJiayou:

National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF)
dedicated to helping Malaysians suffering from kidney failure who lack access to dialysis treatments

Majlis Kanser Nasional (MAKNA)
a non-profit council that supports cancer patients and their families

Komuniti Tukang Jahit
single women, single mothers and OKU who earn income through sewing orders

Extraordinary People Impacting Community (EPIC)
helps to build homes for underprivileged Malaysian communities

MyKasih Foundation
aims to help poor and needy Malaysians through food aid, education and training


You can find more information here: or stay updated on the latest #RelayBersamaJiayou news on our Facebook (


At difficult times like these, let’s stay positive by celebrating each small win.

Every tiny step in the right direction will help make a big difference. From the bottom of our hearts at THE FACE SHOP, thank you for your love and support!