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The campaign is a donation project that involves planting mango trees in barren areas of Africa in order to address problems of poverty and famine. It aims to foster independence by offering education on cultivation and providing mango seedlings to households. THE FACE SHOP has been operating the HIMANGO Campaign together with a corporation called HIMANGO since 2010. Through the project of distributing mango trees to areas in South Sudan in Africa and the HIMANGO Village Project of the complex education & culture center, THE FACE SHOP is helping strengthen the capability of local villagers and supporting their economic independence. Equipped with vocational training school, kindergarten, elementary school, library, food services, mango farm, well, and rest rooms, the HIMANGO Village provides a one-stop solution for all family members, children and parents alike.

THE FACE SHOP is sponsoring a campaign of planting mango trees in Tonj in South Sudan, where late Catholic priest Lee Tae-seok dedicated his life!


We will witness an amazing miracle where mango trees that are already delivering tasty food, cool shade, affordable building materials for school and shelter, enable people to change their daily life by themselves. Mango trees are the source of nutrients for children, enabling grown-ups to harvest hope and head off desertification.

Unconditionally giving mango trees will bring an amazing miracle that will make Sudanese people’s daily life happy by providing delicious food, cool rest area, safe schools, and homes. Mango trees will become food, homes, and schools for Sudanese people. Through mango trees, children will be able to get nutrients, adults will be able to farm hope, and desertification of the area will stop. Mango trees are known to live for more than 100 years in a barren environment, and they can thrive during dry seasons in Africa. They can bear fruits twice a year and within four years after they are planted. Mango fruits are rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene, so they can prevent epidemics and help resolve the nutritional imbalance among Sudan children. They also provide a cool rest area for people under the sizzling sun, and the discarded wood can be used as firewood. The sturdy wood can also be used to build schools and homes. Mango trees 6-7 years old can bear 300 mango fruits. If Sudanese people sell the fruits, they can buy one goat.

As of September 2015


To help eliminate poverty and hunger in Africa, THEFACESHOP started a campaign to plant mango trees in Africa. We give each local family mango seedlings and teach them how to grow mango trees so that they could become more self-reliant.

Many children are suffering from hunger and disease in Africa. Our goal is to help local people to set up a life base by themselves to achieve long-lasting happiness. In 'HIMANGO' village, local people in Tonj work hard to build self-reliance and hope. Since 2011, THEFACESHOP supported 'HIMANGO' campaign to solve the problem of poverty and raise their hopes. Through this campaign, ‘HIMANGO’ village is created in Tonj, Sudan.

As a college student support activity that promotes the HIMANGO Campaign, Hope Creator consists of four teams: children's book production team, media team, news team, and planning team. The children's book production team publishes children's books to be provided to children in South Sudan. The media team produces music videos to propagandize their activities. The news team conducts interviews with famous local figures in South Sudan through VJ activity and promotes via SNS by producing online newsletters. Finally, the planning team plans and holds HIMANGO Bazaar and flea market activities where all hope creators can participate.