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Social Contribution - Sharing

Targeting all people living in Korea, the campaign is carrying out activities to improve human rights and welfare for 1.8 million migrants who are neglected and isolated as a result of people's prejudice. Specifically, it is operating various forms of donations and sharing activities and migrant worker sponsorship activities to deliver hope.

THE FACE SHOP is operating a fund-raising bazaar every six months to help migrants. It has been operating under three themes: putting up soup kitchen, helping female migrant workers, and assisting in the education of multicultural children. We donate the proceeds from selling cosmetic products and household items at low prices while offering Kbeauty one-point makeup education to the Global Village to help a great number of migrants.




By designating THE FACE SHOP's special food day dubbed "Setting Hope meals" by quarter, executives and staff of THE FACE SHOP offer food for foreign workers who skip meals. After cooking, serving food, and washing dishes, they offer cosmetics (skincare, hand cream, etc.) as a gift to migrant workers so that they can have skincare by season.

In the midst of carrying out sharing activities to practice the meaning of love under the theme "One Family, Sharing World," THE FACE SHOP executives and staff perform winter kimchi making volunteer work for low-income multicultural families. The volunteer work provides an opportunity for THE FACE SHOP executives and staff to improve communication and teamwork within the company.

The group is organized to help migrant workers and to promote campaigns for Koreans to live harmoniously with migrant workers in Korea as the country changes into a multicultural society. It is a volunteer group consisting of Chinese students to hold events and do volunteer work for immigrants.