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What's a Wonder Serum do? The Seven Wonders of THE THERAPY First Serum Ever wonder how a 130ml bottle of clear water serum can be used in 7 methods? 
This is how it works:  
  1. As the first step of skincare
Apply immediately after cleansing (before toner) to recharge skin and boost the efficacy of the next skincare. 
  1. As the 7 skin layering technique
Pat 7 layers using Korea’s popular 7 skin method for chok chok plump and glowy skin. Over time, skin stays hydrated longer and become more even toned.
  1. As an exfoliation
Pump onto Green Tea cotton pad and gently wipe from the center to the outer corner of the face for mild exfoliation.
  1. As a mask
Dampen a sheet  mask with The Therapy First Serum, lay it onto face for 20 minutes for a super charged hydration boost.
  1. As a mist spray
Pour into a mist bottle to refresh throughout the day.
  1. As aroma therapy treatment
Spray on a warm damp cotton face towel, press onto face, inhale deeply for 5 times and relax. Essential oils like lavender will calm and relax mind, body and soul.
  1. As a stress reliever
Do face point massage to relieve muscle tension. Pat The Therapy First Serum onto face, cup hands over nose and mouth, inhale to relax. Then using the middle finger, press for 3 seconds at each point. Follow the pressure point sequence below starting from chin. Repeat 3 times. Alternatively, just damp the cotton pad with The Therapy First Serum and place it on both cheeks and forehead for 2 to 3 minutes. It is an effective way to relax tired and dull skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.                           

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